The quilt below is dedicated in loving memory of Garret. Garret is the son of two very special friends. He battled with depression for many years.

He was known for always helping others before ever helping himself. Playing guitar as well as being the lead singer in a Heavy Metal band in Pittsburgh, he was loved by all and entertained so many. Depression took total control and directed him to take his own life. He left behind his Mother, Father and Sister. Garret had an infectious smile and made so many around him smile. No one would ever have thought that this could happen. He is dearly missed.

His final unselfish act was being an organ donor. His organs were used for nearly 50 people in some way to give them hope and a second chance. He still lives among us in many around us.

No one understands just what depression does to someone but it truly is a disease that needs more attention to find a cure. Research is being done and we encourage anyone interested to donate to help this important cause. Like cancer, depression grows inside until it overtakes all rational thinking.

This guitar quilt was presented to Garret's parents as our way of paying tribute to him and to show our endless love and support to them.

Soon to be added will be a link for anyone willing to learn more and even donate to the research being done to help with finding a cure for depression that leads to suicide. Please check back in the future to see the site as soon as it is established.