Since high school, sewing has been a passion and not just a hobby. My family loves to sew, especially quilting. 

With the purchase of a Statler Stitcher in 2007 and the largest available table, we are able to accomodate the largest of quilts including KING SIZE.

Our customers bring us their quilt tops already sewn together complete with borders ready for the final steps. We place the backing fabric, batting and quilt top on the machine and prepare it for the last step.

The magic now begins with the sewing of the quilt pattern. The Statler Stitcher using Creative Studio software allows us to properly size the patterns both to your taste as well as the quilt. With the custom trim feature, we can mark an area where we do not want the machine to sew leaving any embroidery, photos, or other areas un-quilted.

The final product, a complete quilt that needs only the customer to sew on the binding.